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a dinner party by
kei concepts

Phase 1: Prologue (fin).

As we draw the curtain on our first chapter, we're taking a short creative recess. This pause is our R&D expedition - inspired by your invaluable feedback and the incredible moments we've shared. Kei Supper Club is a living narrative, constantly evolving with each story we tell and every dish we create. Now, before we embark on the journey of Phase 2, it's time for us to draw inspiration for the next saga of our culinary adventure.

Stay tuned as we write the next chapter. Phase 2 is just on the horizon.

Please note: To make way for this exciting transition, there will be no seatings until further notice. Stay tuned for more.

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pull up a chair

We're all about crafting an unforgettable dining experience. Kei Supper Club is a place where time well spent is the priority. Think incredible meals, engaging chats, and making new friends. It’s more than just dinner; it’s a celebration of the best things in life, served up with a unique Kei Concepts twist.

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